Jun 16, 2010


I met Hon from THROTTLE at the Born-Free event, he came all the way from Canada to check out the event. You guys can check out his website, he has some nice pictures of the event. http://www.throttlefmc.com/


  1. Love your taste in Music, Rat.
    I played in an Australian band called The Philisteins in the 80's, around the same time as The Stems. Love the 5 and Stooges and Radio Birdman. A couple of our records (yes, Vinyl!) are still available in the U.S. on the Sympathey For The Record Industry label if you're interested. We also appeared on a more recent double CD compilation (5 years or so ago) called Do The Pop with Birdman, The Stems, The Scientists, Lime Spiders and a host of other great Aussie garage bands from '76 to '87. It may still be available on Shock Records.
    My current outfit is called The Roobs. Check out our Myspace page, and if you like the tunes, I'll send you a copy of our latest CD.
    - Doc Roob

  2. Doc Roob

    WOW its a real honor to have you check out my blog.
    I am a great fan of your band the Philisteins. Just out of curiosity how did find my blog? Because I am very suprised to have you write on my blog and I would like thank you for that.
    Do The Pop was like a bible for me and still is till this day and yes I would really like to have a copy of your latest CD.
    Email me at contact@thespeedage.com and I will give you my address.
    I want to check out the bands in Australia, because the bands here can not compare to the bands there.
    But again thank you very much and it was a real pleasure talking to you.