Aug 3, 2010

My first baby.

This was my first car in Japan.
The car is a 1971 dodge charger 500.
The first time I layed eyes on this car was on a magazine when I was 16 years old and from then on I started saving all my money to get this car and by the time I was 18 I had enough money to finance this car with a 3 years payment plan for about$300 a month and a downpayment of my 2 years of my life, and this was before I even got my driver license.

I have owned many mopar for the past 10years and my first car the 1971 dodge charger was the pretty beautiful car.
This car gave me the most memoriable driving experience because of the all American V8 motor, it was a true beuty and a beast at the same time.
I drove this car for only 6years in Japan but I sold it to start my new adventure in America.
The first time are always the best.

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