Dec 30, 2010

Japan Trip 1st day.

I went on a trip in all over Japan when I went back to there.

I started my trip at my home town Osaka with my buddy Jiro.

1st Day,  we went to Nagoya to see My friend Yoshiki from VISE.

We visited his house for the first time and I got Amazed! his house was so rad.

After that, he took us to all over Nagoya.

1st place was Risky Business and we picked up his friend's cool pan head for Yokohama Show.

2nd place was Duas Caras Cycles and we saw some cool motorcycles.

And then I went to my friend Ito-san's shop 'SOLID'

He built this funny motor bicycle with XS.
It looks like a schwinn and I wanted to ride around.

As the end of the day Yoshiki and his wife took Me and Jiro to dinner.

We had Nagoya's famous food 'TEBASAKI' which is chicken wings and Awesome 'SASHIMI'

They were really Amazing!

Thanks a lot to Yoshiki for everything!
I hope to see you next born-free show.

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