Apr 28, 2010

Good times in New York City 3years ago.

                Mary,I and Claudia.
This was me 3years ago in N.Y with my friend the band baby shakes.

I spend 5days with my friends hanging out with other cool bands by partying, watching cool live shows, drinking, and eating good pizza in all days all night...

These were some good times I wish I can see the Baby Shakes again and New York City!

Apr 27, 2010

Late 70s

I like late 70s.
This generation is My Best of el camino.

Apr 26, 2010


haha,see the cool van.

アメリカには面白いというか、的を得たTV CMが、たくさんありますが、何気にTVを見てると...
JACK IN THE BOXがこんなCM作ってました。。。笑

Jack In The Boxきちんとお客さんのこと分かってますなーー。笑




Apr 25, 2010

Apr 23, 2010

Apr 20, 2010

Sister Anne.

When I found this video on youtube I was pretty surprised.
I don't know about her too much but she rock.
I know this cover is totally different from MC 5 but she was very original, super cool of a straight rock!

Sister Anne is in my top 5 favorite songs by MC5.
She can I know she can
I know she can
She's my Sister Anne!


AMC Pacer is super rad!I took these pics last saturday at a mopar show.
She looks like a space vehicle.
I think when I sell my demon,I will get an AMC!

Apr 18, 2010

And My 72 Dodge Demon.

My Demon has original340-4 Speed , I built original 340 to 373 stroker.

Pretty fun to drive on street and strip.

Apr 11, 2010

Street chopper magazine party at Roscoe's.

I visited Street chopper magazine New issue release party on last saturday at Roscoe's.
It was a beautiful day for ridi'n,cruz and Paaarty!
先週の土曜日にストリート・チョッパー・マガジンのNEW ISSUEリリースパーティがあったので行ってきました。
Buy ticket here

Apr 3, 2010

Speed Magic!

IGNITE MAGAZINE Hideki took this picture, so rad.

Apr 1, 2010

My Garage Decor.

66  Dodge coronet grill and Vintage wheel caps of my garage deco.
I have a lot of grill and wheel cap so If you looking for?
can for sale       contact@thespeedage.com

Born-Free Panhead at cycle swap.

Buy ticket or?

Beautiful day with my demon.

A beautiful day, My friend Hideki visiting from Japan and took these nice pictures.
We went for a drive on a great california weather and took some photos for IGNITE MAGAZINE.

Good Beer,Pizza & Photo shoot at Hell on Wheels.

Pizza time! & photo shoot at hell on wheels for Japan's Free & Easy Magazine.
Check out the new issue.
今月発売5月号 Free&Easyの特集のために友人のMEAT BALLのガレージを取材した際の一こまです。